Everyday Wendy

Wendy Wooldridge has a perfectly lovely ordinary life but as birthdays take her ever nearer to the ‘big 6-0’ she wants something more. An online course promises to help Wendy find her ‘essential adventurous self’.

With encouragement from her course guru Melody Skyhorse, Wendy takes up hula hooping just before two momentous events change her life forever.

One firms Wendy Wooldridge’s resolve to become the woman she wants to be. The other provides the means.

Her new hooping class chums – an ex-circus performer, a vegan eco-warrior, a group of teachers and a male ballet dancer hilariously introduce Wendy to new ideas, lifestyles and ways of thinking. Even in the context of a life changed beyond all recognition and through both the happiest and saddest times, Wendy’s new friends delightfully help her to thrive more than she could ever have imagined possible.