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Writing Prizes

Meleyal LF (2022) ‘Everyday Wendy’. PRIZE: Runner up in National Pen to Print Book Challenge Competition.

Meleyal, Lel (2021) ‘Into the Depths‘. PRIZE: Nikki Barker Award for creative short story. Awarded by the Scarborough Writers Circle (July 2021)

Meleyal, Lel (2019) ‘Krampus’. Ink Pantry competition entry ‘ Highly Commended’.


Meleyal, LF (2023) ‘Between the Promenade and the Seashore.’ (Artist Commission). May 2023. Arcade: Love Stories Project, Scarborough.

Meleyal, LF (2022) ‘From Kray to Crone’ (monologue) 23 May 2022 Included in ‘Second Stage’ rehearsed readings showcase. Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough.

Meleyal, LF (2022) ‘From Kray to Crone’ (monologue) 18 March 2022. Cast Member in Roots Touring Theatre Production of ‘Queer Spaces Live’ Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough.

Meleyal, LF (2022) ‘From Kray to Crone’ (monologue) 19 March 2022. Cast Member in Roots Touring Theatre Production of ‘Queer Spaces Live’ York Theatre Royal, York.

Meleyal, L (2018) ‘Mise En Scene’ 16 May 2018. Performance for ‘Rattle tales’.
Review of event

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Guest blog post
Meleyal, Lel (2015) ‘Rights and pleasure go hand in hand ‘. 6 June 2015. Blog post: Sexuality and Social Work Interest Group: International reflections from social workers.

Reports/policy papers
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Online Poetry/Prose Anthology
Meleyal, Lel (2022) ‘Victoria Avenue, Hull. 1982 (ish)’. A Dyke History Trilogy:

part one

part two

part three

Meleyal, Lel (2021) ‘Fug’ 2 February 2021. Blog post: Febulous February.

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Conference papers
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Art Installation

Meleyal, Lel (2018) ‘Accessible’ included in Solus in the City – sustainable shed. Submission by Degenerate Spaces as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2018.